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7 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude – the Path to Happiness, Better Health & Stronger Relationships

realtor health, realtor relationships, realtor self esteem, realtor sleepGratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives. In the process, people usually recognize that the source of that goodness lies at least partially outside themselves. As a result, gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals — whether to other people, nature, or a higher power.

Science Shows Gratitude = Happiness, Better Health, and Stronger Relationships

In positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.

Two psychologists, Dr. Robert A. Emmons of the University of California, Davis, and Dr. Michael E. McCullough of the University of Miami, have done much of the research on gratitude. In one study, they asked all participants to write a few sentences each week, focusing on particular topics.

One group wrote about things they were grateful for that had occurred during the week. A second group wrote about daily irritations or things that had displeased them, and the third wrote about events that had affected them (with no emphasis on them being positive or negative). After 10 weeks, those who wrote about gratitude were more optimistic and felt better about their lives. Surprisingly, they also exercised more and had fewer visits to physicians than those who focused on sources of aggravation.

Another leading researcher in this field, Dr. Martin E. P. Seligman, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania, tested the impact of various positive psychology interventions on 411 people, each compared with a control assignment of writing about early memories. When their week’s assignment was to write and personally deliver a letter of gratitude to someone who had never been properly thanked for his or her kindness, participants immediately exhibited a huge increase in happiness scores. This impact was greater than that from any other intervention, with benefits lasting for a month.

Other studies have looked at how gratitude can improve relationships. For example, a study of couples found that individuals who took time to express gratitude for their partner not only felt more positive toward the other person but also felt more comfortable expressing concerns about their relationship.

Managers who remember to say “thank you” to people who work for them may find that those employees feel motivated to work harder. Researchers at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania randomly divided university fund-raisers into two groups. One group made phone calls to solicit alumni donations in the same way they always had. The second group — assigned to work on a different day — received a pep talk from the director of annual giving, who told the fund-raisers she was grateful for their efforts. During the following week, the university employees who heard her message of gratitude made 50% more fund-raising calls than those who did not.

7 Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

Write a thank-you note.

You can make yourself happier and nurture your relationship with another person by writing a thank-you letter expressing your enjoyment and appreciation of that person’s impact on your life. Send it, or better yet, deliver and read it in person if possible. Make a habit of sending at least one gratitude letter a month. Once in a while, write one to yourself.

Thank someone mentally.

No time to write? It may help just to think about someone who has done something nice for you, and mentally thank the individual.

Keep a gratitude journal.

Make it a habit to write down or share with a loved one thoughts about the gifts you’ve received each day.

Count your blessings.

Pick a time every week to sit down and write about your blessings — reflecting on what went right or what you are grateful for. Sometimes it helps to pick a number — such as three to five things — that you will identify each week. As you write, be specific and think about the sensations you felt when something good happened to you.


People who are religious can use prayer to cultivate gratitude.


Mindfulness meditation involves focusing on the present moment without judgment. Although people often focus on a word or phrase (such as “peace”), it is also possible to focus on what you’re grateful for (the warmth of the sun, a pleasant sound, etc.).

Give Back.

Get involved with a cause and help others in need.  Feed the homeless.  Volunteer at your church or with a charity you support.  At Keller Williams La Jolla, we sponsor many local charities, and unite the real estate community by putting on events such as Red Day and The San Diego Real Estate Professionals’ Battle of the Bands to benefit Miracle Babies.


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5 Tips for Handling Online Reviews

If you are a real estate agent or broker, you likely have a profile or listing on Yelp, Facebook, Google business listings, Zillow, or any number of sites where users post reviews about YOU.  Lots of positive reviews can really boost your business.  But, what about a pile of negative reviews?  These could hurt your business.  These five tips below can help you handle these public critiques to protect and even boost your professional image.

1.  Pay Attention.

Check out relevant review sites, claim your business profiles and start monitoring your online reputation.  There are various tools available to help you stay on top of the buzz around your brand.

2.  Respond Promptly.

The longer a negative online review goes unanswered, the more out of touch you look to both clients and prospects.  If someone raises a legitimate concern, get back to them as quickly as possible.

3.  Consider the Criticism.

When the reviewer has a point, take responsibility, apologize sincerely and look for a path to resolution.  By conducting yourself professionally, you’ll show you care about the client experience.

4.  Stay Calm.

Some online reviews may feel more like personal attacks than valid assessments, and you may find yourself getting a little hot under the collar as you read them.  But keep your emotions in check, and take a polite,helpful approach.  If that doesn’t work, know when to walk away.  You can’t win them all.

5.  Remember Your Audience.

When you respond to an online review, you’re not only addressing a problem for that client, but you’re also putting your customer service skills on display for prospects.  Make sure your response is empathetic and shows genuine concern.

Tim Yates’ training and coaching programs provide agents with education and resources to create a successful real estate practice.

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Keller Williams La Jolla at BizX Launch

As purveyors of cutting edge technology, Keller Williams La Jolla agents attended BizX’s San Diego launch party at the Museum of Man in Balboa Park.  BizX is a new type of currency that allows businesses to use BizX credits to essentially barter services.  If the success of bitcoin is any indication of the potential of alternate forms of currency, BizX’s proven success in other markets is predicted to boom in San Diego.

We encourage our agents to be active in their communities and our top producing real estate agents did not miss this prime opportunity to rub elbows with San Diego’s movers and shakers.  We work hard and play hard.

Keller Williams La Jolla Training

World Class Real Estate Agent Training

Every Wednesday, my team of 300 – plus agents meet at our beautiful La Jolla office for a world class training session.  We provide delicious food, special guests speakers, a bit of humor, and most importantly, world class training in a variety of important areas from marketing strategies, the latest real estate news and developments, legal issues, sales techniques, and tips to help our agents rise above their competition and achieve unparalleled success.  Our trainings also offer comraderie and team support because our profit sharing model means our agents don’t see other agents at our market center as competitors because the success of one equals the success of all.  Inexperienced agents have the opportunity to “pick the brains” of our more seasoned agents.

My Wednesday training sessions are extremely popular and keep our agents sharp as no matter how strong your game, there is always room for improvement.

Keller Williams La Jolla Red Day

Red Day

Renew, Energize, and Donate

Introduced in 2009, RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, is Keller Williams Realty’s annual day of service. Each year on the second Thursday of May, associates celebrate Mo Anderson’s birthday by spending the day away from their businesses serving worthy organizations and causes in their communities. RED Day is just another example of our commitment to each other and to the cities and towns where we live and work.

This Red Day, Keller Williams La Jolla hosted a blood drive.  Giving back to our community is a very important part of our business.  Our agents are not just successful and driven – they care deeply about our community.  I am so proud to be part of this amazing team!

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Building Happy Real Estate Agents

When I ask my agents what their goal is, more often than not, it’s not about money or success – they just want to be happy.  But happiness can be elusive.  What makes one person happy may not make another person happy.  At Keller Williams La Jolla, we get to know our agents personally and find out what makes them tick and what makes them happy.  And then we do our best to help them achieve the happiness that they deserve.

So, where do we start?  With their real estate careers.  That is because agents who are happy with their real estate careers—and with the daily tasks related to those careers—are more likely to be happy with their lives in general.  According to a survey of 3,000 real estate agents by,

  • Agents who describe themselves as happy with their real estate careers were 88 percent more likely to be happy with their lives in general.
  • Agents who describe themselves as happy with the day-to-day tasks they perform in their real estate careers (generating, tracking, and following up with leads, attending client appointments, etc.) are 52 percent more likely to be happy with their lives in general.

The majority of happy agents say that the best part of their job is being able to work with and help other people. Meeting people was the top reason cited for getting into real estate and enjoying it. But there are other aspects of the business that create a feeling of fulfillment:

  • 37.1 percent say that meeting and helping people is their favorite part of real estate.
  • 8.4 percent cite the flexible schedule and the freedom it affords them.
  • 7.9 percent feel that the potential to earn unlimited income is the best part of their careers.
  • 2.6 percent enjoy the challenges, such as finding the home that is just right for their clients.

Agents who entered the real estate industry because they wanted to meet new people are the most likely to be happy, followed by those who entered it because they wanted to be their own boss. Interestingly, agents who took on a real estate career to have a flexible schedule are the least likely to be happy.

The more time agents spend meeting with clients, the more likely they are to be happy with their real estate careers.

Now, here’s a finding that won’t be surprising: Agents who make more money—$100,000 or more annually—are happier in their careers and their lives in general than those who don’t make as much.  We identify our agents strengths and weaknesses in order to further develop the strengths and to ensure they are not brought down by their weaknesses through our world class training programs.  The result is an agent who produces more and is, you guessed it, happier.  And the more clients our agents help and make happy, the happier our agents are because ultimately, helping and serving others is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Maybe you would like to be in on this warm, fuzzy, happy fest we have going on over here at Keller Williams La Jolla.  You’ll never know what you could be missing out on unless you come and check us out.

Contact Tim Yates (Chief Happiness Officer)

Tim Yates



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Cutting Edge Marketing Tools at Keller Williams La Jolla

To succeed in today’s global real estate market, you have to stay on the cutting edge of marketing and technology. And at Keller Williams, our agents’ brands come first – YOU come first. We lead the way in the real estate industry with unmatched productivity-enhancing tools.

San Diego Real Estate Lead Generation

Our goal is to connect consumers with the information they want, and with you, as quickly as possible. With our agent websites, app, market centre sites and international sites, there are more than 100,000 websites in our lead generation network, giving you presence and power in online searches.

We aim to make you the premier resource for consumers looking for real estate online in your market because you are the expert.

Maximum San Diego Listing Exposure

The Keller Williams Listings system, or KWLS, allows us to syndicate listings across the globe. The KWLS guarantees that our associates maintain ownership and control of their listing data and get maximum exposure for their listings online.

Your Listings, Your Leads

You work hard for listings and deserve all the leads that come from them. That’s why wherever your listings are marketed on the KW network and listing syndicates, all the leads go to YOU.

Competitive Edge in San Diego Real Estate Market

eEdge is Keller Williams revolutionary lead-to-close software solution and gives you a strong competitive edge with buyers and sellers.

And when it comes to Marketing, you’ll have the power of the Keller Williams name as an asset to your business. At the same time, we recognise the need you’ll have to customize and localize your marketing approach. We deliver proven, world-class marketing systems that allow you to quickly and easily follow-up with potential and past clients.

There’s so much to talk about.  We want to meet you.  Call us today for an appointment.

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Retaining San Diego Real Estate Agents

According to the National Association of Realtors, in 2015, Realtors had been at their current firms on average of 5 years or less.  In 2016, that figure dropped to 3 years or less.  And the numbers continue to decline.  So, what is happening?

Many firms address this issue by focusing on recruiting.  And, recruiting will always be necessary for growth, especially in 2017 – which is promising to be the most robust real estate market in years.  But, the statistics reflect that we also need to focus on retaining agents.

Here at Keller, we focus on your “pain.”  No matter how good an agent is, he or she has a weakness.  We work with our agents to identify their pains/weaknesses and then implement a program to address and fix those problem areas.  Keller’s training is the best in the world.  Not just in real estate, but in all industries across the board.  With the right training, our agents can reach their full potential.  But they must take advantage of these resources that are available to them

At Keller Williams La Jolla, team leader, Tim Yates, runs a training meeting for all the agents every Wednesday.  That’s over 270 agents getting together once a week for valuable training to improve their careers and businesses.  It’s very collaborative in that the agents don’t perceive the other agents as threats to their business.  Keller’s profit sharing model ensures that the success of one agent in the market equals the success of them all.  Agents learn from the successes and failures of their peers and ultimately walk away feeling empowered, rejuvenated and ready to conquer the world.

Agents leave for a myriad of reasons and we know we can’t make them all stay forever, but we are sure going to try by genuinely caring about them as individuals and as colleagues and in taking a vested interest in their real estate businesses by providing them with all of the tools and resources necessary to grow and succeed.  Ultimately, if our agents are successful, they are happy.  And if they are happy, they are going to stay.