5 Tips for Handling Online Reviews

If you are a real estate agent or broker, you likely have a profile or listing on Yelp, Facebook, Google business listings, Zillow, or any number of sites where users post reviews about YOU.  Lots of positive reviews can really boost your business.  But, what about a pile of negative reviews?  These could hurt your business.  These five tips below can help you handle these public critiques to protect and even boost your professional image.

1.  Pay Attention.

Check out relevant review sites, claim your business profiles and start monitoring your online reputation.  There are various tools available to help you stay on top of the buzz around your brand.

2.  Respond Promptly.

The longer a negative online review goes unanswered, the more out of touch you look to both clients and prospects.  If someone raises a legitimate concern, get back to them as quickly as possible.

3.  Consider the Criticism.

When the reviewer has a point, take responsibility, apologize sincerely and look for a path to resolution.  By conducting yourself professionally, you’ll show you care about the client experience.

4.  Stay Calm.

Some online reviews may feel more like personal attacks than valid assessments, and you may find yourself getting a little hot under the collar as you read them.  But keep your emotions in check, and take a polite,helpful approach.  If that doesn’t work, know when to walk away.  You can’t win them all.

5.  Remember Your Audience.

When you respond to an online review, you’re not only addressing a problem for that client, but you’re also putting your customer service skills on display for prospects.  Make sure your response is empathetic and shows genuine concern.

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